INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For young people in need of a push to help jump start their career or something to do this summer, Project Indy may be the answer to put them on the pathway to success.

Project Indy, the Mayor’s summer youth employment program, is kicking off this year. The City of Indianapolis and multiple partnerships, including schools, community-based organizations, and employers, have come together to provide jobs for youth between 16 and 24-year-old with summer, seasonal, part-time or full-time work.

Project Indy created an online search engine for youth to look up jobs and connect them with employers at job locations nearby their homes or school. EmployIndy officials reported youth finding reliable transportation can be a hindrance and positions within proximity can help offset the challenges some youth face. According to EmployIndy, there are over 200 employers listed on the platform. Some of the top employers viewed on the site are Garfield Park, the Fay Biccard Click Neighborhood Center, the Army Recruiting Center and Douglas Park, YMCA, Crew Carwash, plus private sector jobs in commercial retail and more.

Angie Carr Klitzsch, CEO of EmployIndy, says the employment program can serve as a safety net for inner-city youth from disadvantaged communities living in areas with higher crime rates.

“This has been an opportunity to help scale up the next generation of the workforce and help with the foundational job readiness opportunities. It stems from the tide of youth being out on the street late. It stems from tide of what we seem to experience here in our community and elsewhere around youth violence. If we can offer hope, ladders to economic mobility. All of those are incredibly important for individuals to believe that the future is available and worth living,” said Kiltzch.

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ProjectIndy prioritizes neighborhoods in zip codes within the city where there is a disproportionate number of unemployed or under-employed people. Kiltzch says the program aims to connect with job seekers who live in 46226 and 46235, 46229 for workforce opportunities.

If you know a youth who could enhance their skillet, there is an app available for download, or you can visit here to access the job portal.

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