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Connect Facebook To Instagram – Personal Account & Page, Step-by-step Guide

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One of the most popular social media platforms worldwide is Facebook. To stay in touch with their friends and family, millions of individuals utilize Facebook every day. Even creating a Facebook profile for one’s companies or organizations is possible with this program. Now, if you already have a Facebook business page for your company, you should Connect Facebook to Instagram account. Doing so will save you time and help you achieve fantastic business outcomes. We are here with a step-by-step guide that will make it easy for you to Connect Facebook to Instagram. 

Connect Facebook to Instagram

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Many marketers were excited when Facebook made it possible to post from a Facebook page to an Instagram account that was connected because of this feature’s ability to easily add Instagram as a posting option when creating a Facebook post, which then automatically pushes the post to Instagram when it is published.

Remember that only a Facebook Page administrator or editor can add an Instagram account to a page. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how Connect Facebook To Instagram.

The main advantages of connecting your Instagram account to a Facebook profile are as follows.

  • Increase Consumer Faith: Don’t undervalue the significance of giving clients a seamless online experience. By Connecting Facebook To Instagram, you may provide seamless interactions for your followers and give them the assurance that they are working with the same company.
  • Cross-platform Posting Schedule: You are undoubtedly aware of the advantages of scheduling posts if you have a hectic schedule or manage several accounts.
  • Quicker Response to Messages: You can handle all of your messages in one location once you Connect Facebook to Instagram accounts. This makes it much simpler to keep up quick response times and offers you access to more inbox capabilities, such as message filters and customer labels.
  • Become More Perceptive: You may compare audiences, post-performance, and more when both platforms are connected. Analyze where your organic efforts are succeeding and decide where it would be wisest to spend money on promotions.
  • Better to Advertise: To run advertisements, you may need to link a Facebook page in specific areas. Connecting accounts, even though it’s not necessary, enables you to run advertisements on both platforms and pay for them in one location.
  • Open a store on Instagram: A linked Facebook page is required to set up a business on Instagram if you’re interested in selling goods or services there. You may sync business information and use features like appointment buttons and donation stickers by linking your accounts.
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How to Connect Facebook to Instagram?

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You should have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, but they are not connected. Make sure you are an administrator of the Facebook page you want to connect to first. And switch to an Instagram business account, if you haven’t already. Then Follow these actions:

Connect Facebook To Instagram

Connect Facebook to Instagram Through Facebook?

Step 1: Launch a browser and go to

Step 2: After that, sign in to the Facebook account that is in charge of a Facebook page.

Step 3: Currently, click Pages in the left menu from your News Feed.

Step 4: Navigate to your Page and select Page Settings (Gear symbol) at the bottom left.

Step 5: Click Instagram in the left column on the new page.

Step 6: Click Connect Account

Step 7: Type your login information and click Log In.

Connect Facebook to Instagram from Instagram

Step 1: Go to your profile on Instagram after signing in.

Step 2: Click on Edit Profile.

Step 3: Choose Page from the list of Public Business/Profile Information.

Step 4: Select the Facebook page to which you want to connect. Tap Create a new Facebook page if you don’t already have one.

How to change a Facebook page linked to Instagram

You should update the Facebook page that’s connected to your Instagram account. Remove your connection to the Facebook page first:

Step 1: After logging in to Facebook, select Pages from the left menu.

Step 2:  Visit Settings from your Facebook profile.

Step 3: Click Instagram in the left column.

Step 4: Scroll down and click Disconnect next to Instagram.

Remember that You’ll need to adjust these settings each time you wish to change where your images are shared if you use Instagram for both personal and professional accounts.

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You might want to create a company-specific Instagram handle that is entirely distinct from your personal one if you’re genuinely worried about the potential repercussions of using the same Instagram account for both purposes. After all, we’ve all seen how multitasking on social media can go awry. If so, you will need to take the same actions to Connect Facebook to Instagram. But you can alternate between many profiles using Instagram’s clever feature.

You can quickly and easily add compelling graphics to a variety of platforms by sharing your Instagram photos on your Facebook business page. This also provides you the chance to highlight the human side of your brand. Visual material is approximately forty times more likely to be shared on social media than other sorts of content, which can help you engage with your target audience. 

Therefore, it is advantageous to be able to share this content on several platforms. Connect Facebook to Instagram is one of the best ways to achieve this because it boosts the number of people who see your visual content.

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