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Eagles Q&A: Miles Sanders didn’t last long as his 1st job

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Each week during the 2022 season, we’re going through the Eagles’ media guide to find an interesting nugget.

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The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job of filling out these little oddities in the media guides and they serve as a good way to meet the player behind the helmet.

This week, we chatted with Miles Sanders, whose first job was at a Sbarro pizzeria.

Me: Your first job was at a Sbarro. Is that right?

Sanders: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Me: Tell me about that. How old were you when you started?

Sanders: Ummm, I was a freshman in high school, I know that.

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Me: Wow, you were pretty young.

Sanders: Yeah, I wanted to get my own money. I was tired of asking my mom for money and she wouldn’t give it with me. Yeah, I had the job … I was 15 … I had the job for about a week. So I couldn’t do it. I was getting told what to do, I didn’t want to do it.

Me: (Laughter) Oh yeah?

Sanders: Yeah, it made me realize 9-5 ain’t for me. I swear to God, that made me grind even harder. I said, ‘I’m not not doing that.’

Me: Not doing that. What were your responsibilities there?

Sanders: Serving and cleaning.

Me: Was it in a mall?

Sanders: Yeah, it was in mall, actually. Monroeville Mall. I don’t know if Sbarro is still there, but yeah, I used to work there.


Me: I remember my sister worked in a pizza spot and she would come home, I used to make fun of here, because she would come home smelling like grease and everything.

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Sanders: Yeah, it was real minimum wage. Probably working for like $5 I think. That was about it. I couldn’t do no 9-5, I noticed that right then and there. That was it for me.

Me: Did you have other jobs in high school after that?

Sanders: No, that was my only job.

Me: Then football became the (job)?

Sanders: Yeah, I said I was full-time football. I don’t care.

Me: Every time you see a Sbarro, do you think, ‘Oh man…’

Sanders: Nah, not really. I went into that mall probably this past offseason. I saw the worker that hired me and everything.

Me: Oh yeah? They’re still there.

Sanders: Yeah, I was cool with the owner. It was the owner, it wasn’t like he was just working there. But I knew the owners and stuff, that’s how I got the job.

Me: So they’ve been watching your career?

Sanders: Oh yeah.

Me: Oh that’s cool.

Sanders: Yeah, man.

Me: They can tell people you worked there. Maybe not for how long.

Sanders: Yeah, not for how long. But, yeah, ‘Miles used to work here.’

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