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Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022 Quotes, Images & Wishes, Why Is It Celebrated?

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Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022 is going to be observed today i.e. 11th November 2022. Kanaka Dasa was born on December 03, 1509, in Baada, Shiggaon, Vijayanagara Empire (Haveri District, Karnataka, India). This festival is celebrated in remembrance of him, he was a Haridasa saint and philosopher.

Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022

Kanaka Dasa is famously known as Daasashreshta Kanakadasa, he was a ruler, saint, poet, philosopher and composer by occupation. The festival ‘Kanakadasa Jayanti’ is celebrated all over Karnataka. His father’s name was Beerappa and mother’s was Bachchamma.

Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022 is falling this year on November 11, 2022 as it is 18th day Kartika month. On the occasion of Daasashreshta Kanakadasa birth, there is a public holiday only in Karnataka State. He wrote philosophies, which are Dvaita Vedanta and Vaishnavism, these philosophies are read by thousands of individuals.

Carnatic music which is also Karnāṭaka saṃgīta or Karnāṭaka saṅgītam was composed by the Daasashreshta Kanakadasa, he was noy only a famous composer, other than this, he was a port, a social reformer, and musical. He is famously known in Karnataka for ugabhoga and keertanas, which are the part of Carnatic music.

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Why Is Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti Celebrated?

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Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti is celebrated in the remember of Kanakadasa, because of whom the beautiful Carnatic music i.e. Karnāṭaka saṃgīta or Karnāṭaka saṅgītam exists, as he was also a social, through his beautiful poetry he used to show the right path to people to make brotherhood strong between two religion of people.

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In 2008, the Government of Karnataka commemorated his birth with the festival ‘Kanakadasa Jayanti’. The festival is celebrated every year on the 18th day of Kartika month.

Daasashreshta Kanakadasa is obeyed by followers of all religions, because of his ideal thoughts, ones who read about him, lost himself/herself in a new world. On the day of Kanakadasa Jayanti, people even organise a event and perform beautiful Karnāṭaka saṃgīta or Karnāṭaka saṅgītam. On this day, people also share thoughts and teachings of Kanakadasa with others.

Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Writings 

Here are five famous and most read writings of Daasashreshta Kanakadasa.

  1. Nalacharithre
  2. Haribhakthisara
  3. Nrisimhastava
  4. Ramadhanyacharithre
  5. Mohanatarangini

You will be amazed to know he has written 240 compositions of Carnatic music, which are kirtane, ugabhogas, padas, and philosophical songs.

Other than 5 famous writings, he also has written 100 and 50 beautiful songs in Kannada and English language, respectively, which are published in popular books.

Kanakadasa Dasa Jayanti Images 2022

You can download images and send them to your family or friends to wish them Happy Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022.

kanakadasa jayanti wishes

Kanakadasa Jayanti wishes 2022

Kanakadasa Jayanti

kanakadasa jayanti Quotes

Kanakadasa Jayanti Quotes 2022

Below we have shared a few Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022 Quotes, which you can share with your family and friends.

  • Salute to the great soul ‘Daasashreshta Kanakadasa’ because of whom Carnatic music exists. Happy Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022!
  • Sing Karnāṭaka saṃgīta or Karnāṭaka saṅgītam and celebrate this beautiful day. Happy Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022!
  • On this occasion we all came together and celebrated by singing the music of Daasashreshta Kanakadasa. Happy Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022!

Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022

Send beautiful Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022 Wishes and celebrate this festival.

  • On this occasion of Kanakadasa Jayanti, hum carnatic music and celebrate this beautiful festival. Happy Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022!
  • Music is like medicine, because today is the birthday of Father of Carnatic Music, so sing the poems and songs written by him on this day and celebrate this festival.
  • On this occasion of Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti, share the words of our Guru Kanakadasa to your friends and family and celebrate this beautiful festival.
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Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022: FAQs

When is Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrated?

Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti is celebrated on the 18th day of Kartika month, this year, it is going to be celebrated on November 11, 2022.

Is there a public holiday on Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti?

Yes, there is a public holiday on the occasion of the Daasashreshta Kanakadasa Jayanti only in Karnataka.

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