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Kartik Purnima 2022 Date, Puja Vidhi, Rituals, Significance

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The holy festival of Kartik Purnima will be celebrated this year on 8th November 2022, is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Hinduism. In this article we have tried to share complete information related to Kartik Purnima 2022 Muhurat, rituals, etc, with you in simple words, so you stay till the end of this article and collect all the information related to this holy festival.

Kartik Purnima 2022

On the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima, people who believe in Hinduism observe a fast. According to Hindu texts, this month of Kartik Purnima is the best from other months of the year. According to sages, worshipping on the day of Kartik Purnima gives a virtue equivalent to worshipping for 1 month in return.

Kartik Purnima is also known as Dev Deepawali, this year Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on 7th November 2022 as the lunar eclipse is going to take place on the day of Kartik Purnima. This festival is also known as Tripuri Purnima in Hinduism, according to religious beliefs, on this day Lord Shiva killed Tripurasura.

Kartik Purnima Date 2022

This year Kartik Purnima Tithi will start at 4:15 pm on 7th September 2022 and will end at 4:31 pm on 8th September 2022. The entire month of Kartik is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, on this day Lord Hari is chanted, tapas, worshipped, by hundreds of devotees.

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Kartik purnima

Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi 2022

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As Kartik Purnima 2022 will be celebrated on 8th November this year, on this auspicious occasion the members of the household wake up early in the morning to take a bath and after that lighting of the oil lamp in the temple takes place, in the presence of all family members.

Note: Kartik Purnima is called Dev Diwali, because after killing Tripurasura, all the Gods were pleased and hundreds of oil lamps were lit in Kashi in this joy.

Checkout the listed details to know all above the Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi 2022.

  • If a person can observe a fast on this day, then he/she must do it.
  • It is mandatory for the devotee to anoint all the deities with water.
  • Along with worshiping Lord Vishnu, one must worship Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Offer Bhog (meal/food) to Lord Vishnu in which it is mandatory to have Tulsi, because without it the food offered by you will not be accepted.
  • On the day of Kartik Purnima, Worshiping the moon also has special significance, it is believed that offering Arghya to the moon gives freedom from defects.
  • On this day the needy people should be helped.
  • If you see a cow around your house, do not forget to feed it.

Kartik Purnima Rituals 2022

According to religious texts, by following all the rituals religiously on this holy occasion, all the sins committed in this life are erased and virtue is attained. If a person is unable to take bath in a holy river due to any reason, then he can mix holy water of Ganga Ji with other water and take bath to fulfil the religious rituals.

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According to Hindu religious gurus, if a person takes a bath on Kartik Purnima water mixed with cardamom-saffron, milk, turmeric or black sesame, then various types of defects (दोष) are removed.

To get complete information regarding Kartik Purnima, you need to visit a concerned expert, from whom you will be able to get detailed information about the method of Kartik Purnima Puja and its importance.

Kartik Purnima 2022: FAQs 

When is Kartik Purnima 2022?

Kartik Purnima 2022 will take place on November 08, 2022.

When will Kartik Purnima 2022 Tithi start and end?

Kartik Purnima 2022 Date will start from 4:15 pm on 7th September 2022 and last till 4:31 pm on 8th September 2022.

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