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IEO Result 2022 Date, Level 1, Awards, Check Online

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The Science Olympiad Foundation will most likely make the IEO 2022 results public in December 2022. The results of the SOF IEO for 2022-2023 will be made available on the SOF’s official website, IEO exam was successfully conducted in the months of September October and November by the officials. Students will need to enter their roll number to get the IEO 2022-23 results for Classes 1-12.

IEO Result 2022

The Science Olympiad Foundation administers the International English Olympiad exam in two phases or levels. Students in grades 1 through 12 attend Level 1, while students in grades 3 through 12 attend Level 2. Only students who pass the level 1 exam are eligible for the level 2 exam.

On September 22, October 14, and November 1, 2022, SOF held the International English Olympiad 2022 (Level 1) for Classes 1 through 12. The IEO result 2022 online will be released soon by SOF. Level 1 SOF IEO 2022 results will be posted on the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) website, results 2022. The scores and rankings the students received are included in the SOF IEO results for 2022–2023..

International English Olympiad

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Science Olympiad Foundation

To enable students in classes 1 through 12 to gauge their degree of English language competency

Participation Certificate + Student Performance Report to all students

Students who meet the requirements can take the IEO level 2 test. In March 2023, the final SOF IEO 2023 results will be made public.

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IEO 2022 Important Dates

September 22, October 14, November 1, 2022

IEO level 2 result (Classes 3 to 12)

IEO Result 2022-23 Tie-Breaking Criteria

In the event that two or more students receive identical marks in the SOF English Olympiad 2023 results, positions are assigned depending on the tie-breaking procedures.

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A student’s rank is determined by their section-by-section scores. Section-wise marks are taken into account in the order listed below:

Section-wise Priority IEO Tie-Breaking Criteria.

Word & Structure Knowledge

Spoken & Written Expression

SOF IEO 2022-23 Result Details

The following information will be in the SOF IEO 2022–23 result.

  • Student’s name
  • Roll number
  • Class and section
  • Total marks
  • Obtained marks
  • School namar
  • International ranks
  • Zonal ranks
  • International award won by student
  • Zonal award won by students.

IEO Result

How to Check SOF IEO Result 2022?

To check IEO 2022-23 results, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to the official SOF IEO Result website (

Step 2: On your screen, a login box will display. Click on the IEO 2022-23 outcome under the “Select Olympiad” option.

Step 3: Enter your roll number, Your School Code-Class-Roll No.

Step 4: Complete the captcha and enter your response in the provided space.

Step 5: The SOF IEO Result 2022-23 will be displayed on the screen. Your outcome will include the scores and personal information of the pupils. Save and print the IEO Result 2022 for future reference.


IEO Result 2022 Student Performance Report (SPR)

Each participant will receive a Student Performance Report (SPR), which will include the following six sections:

  • Section A – Contains the student’s grades and rank.
  • Section B – It includes a year-by-year examination of the student’s performance throughout the previous year.
  • Section C – It contains the student’s replies and correct answers to questions given in the IEO, as well as a performance comparison of the student’s answers with those of other students in the Zone and at the international level.
  • Section D – It analyses a student’s percentage score and compares it at the class, city, zone, and region levels.
  • Section E – It compares average marks at the school, city, zone, region, and international levels.
  • Section F – It includes a topic-by-topic analysis of the student’s performance.
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IEO 2022-23 Awards Distribution

Students will get awards between 2022 and 2023 based on their school, zonal, and international rankings. Based on the success of schools at the international, zonal, and district levels, school administrators and instructors will get commendations. Compare monetary prizes, trophies, gifts, and citations.

The winners of the IEO English Olympiads will receive the following awards for the academic year 2022–2023.

  • The champions of the second-level competitions for Classes 3 through 12 will get International & Zonal topper awards.
  • Since the exams for Classes 1 to 2 are single-level exams, International & Zonal topper awards will be given to the first-level winners.
  • The top 3 rankers will receive international medals, cash prizes, and certificates of excellent performance at the international level as well as zonal medals, cash prizes, and certificates of zonal excellence at the zonal level.
  • At the school level, each student will receive a computerisedStudents Performance Report. The Gold Medal of Excellence will be presented to students who receive perfect scores.

What after the IEO result 2022-23 is Out?

Winners of the 1st and 2nd class awards will get their certificates and prizes from their respective schools. Selected students in the third through twelfth grades should begin preparing for the level 2 exam.

Dates for the Level 2 exams will be released together with the IEO 2022–2023 results. Scholarships and rewards in accordance with SOF standards will be given to Level 2 winners.

IEO Level 2 Selection Criteria 2022

Based on their achievement in the level 1 exam, students will be chosen for the level 2 exam. When choosing candidates for the IEO level 2 exam, the following factors will be used:

  • Top 5% ranking students from each class comprise Criteria 1. The marks earned in each exam section will be considered.
  • Top 25 rank holders from each class in each zone are the second criterion.
  • Class leader from each participating school who receives 50% of the possible points. The applicants receiving the highest marks, regardless of the section, will be eligible for the second level exam if registration is done section-by-section. It should be remembered that a gold medal winner may not automatically qualify for level 2 test.
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This concluded our discussion of the SOF IEO Result 2022. Keep checking back to this website for the most recent information on the SOF Olympics 2022 tests.

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