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Propose Day Status 2023 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Shayari

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The second day of Valentine’s week is known as Propose Day. Like every year this year it will also be celebrated all over the world on 8th February. The importance of this day is great for two love birds. On this beautiful day, we have shared below Propose Day Status 2023 with lots of images. You can download and send it to your boyfriend or girlfriend and propose to him / her with beautiful text messages.

Propose Day Status 2023

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Propose Day will be observed on 8 February 2023, on that day girlfriend and boyfriend propose to each other in many ways so that this day remains memorable for them life long. If you love someone or have a crush on any one, any girl or boy, you can propose to him / her and share your feelings to one another about how much you love him or her. If you are already engaged or committed then you can send him / her PROPOSE DAY STATUS 2023 to wish for this beautiful day.

Propose Day Images

Happy Propose Day Wishes 2023

Happy Propose Day 2023 Wishes with a few beautiful images are available below, you may send it to girlfriend or boyfriend to wish this beautiful day of Valentine’s week. 

My dear, I cannot tell you how much you are dear to me, your face is brighter than the moon, I love you too much.

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I keep praying to God day and night that if rebirth really happens, I want to have you in every birth.

No matter how sad I am, no matter how upset I am, whenever I see your smiling face, the sadness of my life goes away.

If it was possible, I would have plucked every star from the sky and placed it at your feet, but still their brightness would have been less than the brightness of your face.

Propose Day 2023 Quotes 

Happy Propose Day Quotes 2023 are available below, you can send it to your loved one to propose to him or her on the occasion of beautiful Propose Day 2023.

Elders used to tell the truth, if your life partner is beautiful from the heart, then no matter how many troubles in life, life passes very beautifully, I realised this only after meeting you. I wish I could tell you in my own words how much I love you.

Open I still remember when my first sight fell on your face, I was intoxicated in a different world. Your face is so beautiful that I just want to keep looking at it.

I love you so much that I want to spend my whole life in your arms. My prayer is that may God always keep you safe, wherever you are, be you away from me or stay close to me, always be happy.

Love is the great feeling that can be felt only by the one who has it. I realised how beautiful love is only after meeting you. I sometimes think that if I don’t meet you, what would I be!

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Happy Propose Day

Propose Day Messages 2023

Happy Propose Day 2023 Messages are available below, you may send to your loved ones to express feelings of your heart.

My heart says that I should spend time looking at your face, how much love I have for you, I wish there was such a word for this, if I want to express my love in words, then maybe even a corner of the sky will not remain empty.

The most beautiful moment in life was for me when you accepted my proposal. Today on the occasion of propose day, I am again proposing to you that you never go away from my life because I cannot live even a moment without you.

I wish I had a time travel machine, then I could travel back in time every time when you hugged me for the first time, that feeling is the most beautiful feeling in my life, which I cannot forget till the day I die.

I pray to God everyday that every morning I wake up with your beautiful face in front of me, whenever my first sight falls on your face, my day passes very happily.

Happy Propose Day 2023 Shayari 

Some beautiful Happy Propose Day Shayari 2023 are available below. Send it to your loved one and wish him / her a beautiful day of love.

दिलों की यह बात तुम्हें कैसे बताएं हम, तुम से बेइंतेहा मोहब्बत है तुम्हें कैसे समझाए हम।

तुम्हारा प्यारा सा चेहरा मेरी नजरों के सामने हो, मेरी जिंदगी में कुछ हो ना हो बस तुम मेरे साथ रहो।

तुम्हारा दीदार ही मेरे लिए ईद के चांद जैसा है, दिल तो करता है तुम्हारे इस खूबसूरत से चेहरे को सिर्फ देखता ही रहूं।

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मोहब्बत का एहसास है जिसे हम शब्दों में बयां नहीं कर सकते, और मुझे तुमसे इतनी मोहब्बत है कि अगर मैं बताने बैठूं तो शायद हमारी पूरी जिंदगी ही निकल जाए।

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