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How to contact IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service?

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Taxpayers who have outstanding federal tax issues can get assistance from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), an independent division of the IRS. TAS Tax Tips might be able to assist if your IRS tax problem is taking a while to resolve.

TAS Tax Tips

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In January, TAS started a public awareness drive for the pre-filing season. Millions of taxpayers who self-file federal tax returns are being assisted nationally to avoid common return processing issues that lead to refund delays.

TAS extends an invitation to taxpayers to take part in one of the local activities. There are tools and TAS Tax Tips on the TAS website and a list of advice below for taxpayers who are unable to attend an event.

To help avoid common problems, use these TAS TAX TIPS.

  • To confirm your revenue, consult your year-end income statements (such as Form W-2/1099), not your pay stub. Your earnings must correspond to what is stated on year-end bills. You must wait until you receive your income statements—which employers must deliver by January 31—before filing.
  • Verify again that the information you have on you and your children is accurate. Verify the accuracy of the names, tax identification numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and bank account details.
  • Verify all the deductions and benefits for which you might qualify. To make sure you claim all the deductible expenses and tax credits for which you are qualified, carefully read the directions for the tax form. Fill out any worksheets, schedules, or other forms that go along with those things.
  • Before submitting your return, be sure to attach all schedules and documents. Remember to bring your income tax returns and special papers to prove your credit claims (e.g., Form 8892 or Schedule EITC).
  • Tax software that automatically imports data from previous years can be used for electronic filing. The fastest method to file a tax return is electronically, but to prevent errors, make sure you’re using information from the most recent tax year.

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IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service

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In order to help people fulfil their federal tax obligations, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) wishes to get in touch with those who are filing their tax returns for the first time or for the first time following a lapse in filing. What Every Taxpayer Should Know About the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Program is as follows:

  • Your representative at the IRS is the Taxpayer Advocate Program. Their main duty is to make it easier for you and the IRS to come to an arrangement.
  • Every taxpayer in the nation can get free TAS help, both individuals and businesses.
  • If you have attempted to resolve your tax issue through the regular IRS channels without success or if the IRS is about to take an urgent action against you or your company, you may be qualified for TAS assistance.
  • Nothing at all is the worst thing you can do. When in question, seek advice from TAS. Even your certified tax advisor can apply for TAS support on your behalf.
  • TAS aids people who are having financial difficulties due to tax issues, whether they are individuals or businesses. Taxpayers who are experiencing financial difficulty may be eligible for an Offer-in-Compromise or case closing for uncollectible tax debt.
  • If you are eligible for TAS assistance, an advocate will be allocated to you and will work tirelessly to find a solution.
  • The IRS must respect your rights as a citizen when dealing with you. You can learn more about these privileges by visiting the Taxpayer Advocate website at The right to legal representation from an expert in tax relief is one of your most crucial liberties.
  • TAS also deals with IRS tax issues that might affect numerous taxpayers simultaneously. You can inform TAS of these “systemic” problems by using the Systemic Advocacy Management System.
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TAS Tax Tips

How to Contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service?

 Every state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have at least one local IRS Taxpayer Advocate location. Your local phone book, Pub. 1546, “Taxpayer Advocate Service – Your Voice at the IRS,” and are all good places to look up the contact information for your local Taxpayer Advocate.

Visit the TAS YouTube channel at, the TAS Facebook page at, or subscribe to the TAS Twitter account at to receive updates on trending tax subjects.

A tool to look up information about notices you might receive from the IRS, information about your rights, and comprehensive explanations of tax credits, changes, issues, and errors are just a few of the useful tools available on the TAS website.

Visit at at any moment to learn more about TAS Tax Tips and services. Check the TAS qualifier tool to see if the organization can assist you with your financial problem.

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