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How to Get Transcript of Youtube Video

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YouTube is a popular platform for sharing videos online. It contains an enormous quantity of material, including educational lectures and music videos. You might discover helpful information while watching a video that you want to save for later or spread to others. One method to do this is by getting transcripts for YouTube videos.

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A written document known as a transcript includes the spoken words from a video. For those who have trouble hearing or comprehending the audio, it is a helpful tool. It also works well as a quick reference for people who want to look up particular information without watching the whole video.

Getting a YouTube video transcript is relatively easy and can be done in several ways. In this post, we will cover different methods to answer your question about how to get a transcript of a YouTube video.

How to Find the Transcript of a YouTube Video on Desktop?

It’s not difficult to find the transcript choice for a YouTube video. Not all videos, though, will have transcripts. You can only see one if you have closed subtitles enabled. 

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Remember that automatic transcripts for many movies may not always be of the highest caliber. However, some video producers produce their own subtitles, which are frequently more precise.

In general, the audio clarity of the video, accents, dialects, etc., affect the transcript’s quality. If the video has closed captioning, here’s how to open transcripts on YouTube:

Step 1: Open YouTube in your preferred browser and log in with your account.

Step 2: Play the needed video, then select the three horizontal dots to access the transcript.

Step 3: Choose Open Transcripts.

Open transcripts 

Step 4: On the right side of the video, you can see the transcript.

Youtube video transcripts 

It’s likely that English will appear below the translation. There may be different language choices, including English if you tap on that. For precision, it is always preferable to select English rather than Auto-generated.

How to Get the Transcript of a Youtube Video on Phones?

On an iPhone or Android smartphone, follow these steps to get a YouTube video’s transcript:

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Step 1: Open the YouTube app and find the video you want the transcript for.

Step 2: To access the video details, click on ‘more’ next to the description.

Click on more

Step 3: Scroll down and Navigate to “Show Transcript”.

Tap on Show transcript

Step 4: The translation will then appear beneath the video. Clicking any of the timestamps will jump to that portion of the video.

Video transcripts with timestamps

Step 5: Tap the three vertical dots to see the list of possible languages and choose one to translate your transcript into.

Choose the language

Additional Methods to Get a Youtube Video Transcript

Getting YouTube CC transcripts isn’t an issue if there’s an available transcript. But in case there isn’t, you’ll have to resort to other apps. Learn how to see the transcript of a Youtube video with these additional methods.

Using a Third-party Service

You can use a third-party service to create a transcript for you if the video you want a transcript of is not accessible with captions. Trint, Happy Scribe, and are just a few of the programs that can produce transcripts for YouTube videos.

The methods below explain how to get a transcript of a YouTube video using a third-party service:

  • Copy the video’s URL after opening it on YouTube.
  • Visit the website of the third-party service you want to use, and if required, register for an account.
  • Enter the video’s URL into the search bar of the website, then select “Go”
    Enter URL
  • Hold off while the service analyses the video and produces the translation.
    Transcripts by third-party generator 
  • The transcript can be downloaded as a text file or copied and pasted into a text editor once it has been produced.

If a video doesn’t have accessible captions, using a third-party service to create a YouTube transcript of the video might be a good choice. However, these services might not be free, and the transcript’s quality might differ based on the quality of the YouTube Video.

Using Google Docs Voice Typing Feature

Users can create and modify documents online using Google Docs, a free word-processing tool. Additionally, it has a voice typing function that can be used to capture both audio and video and then transcribe it.

To get a transcript of a YouTube video using the voice typing function in Google Docs, follow these steps:

  • Create a fresh document in Google Docs by opening it.
  • Copy the URL after opening the YouTube video you want a transcript of.
  • Return to Google Docs and choose “Voice typing” from the “Tools” tab.
    Tools Voice Typing”>
  • In order to allow Google Docs access to your microphone, click on the microphone symbol.
  • Into the Google Docs page, paste the YouTube video’s URL.
  • Play the YouTube video by clicking the microphone icon once more. The recording will be transcribed by Google Docs as it plays.
    Transcription on Google docs
  • Any transcription errors can be fixed after the video has completed playing.
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This is a simple and cost-free way to get a transcript of a YouTube video using the voice typing function in Google Docs. The audio quality and vocal clarity of the speaker, however, may have an impact on how accurate the transcript is.

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How to Download the YouTube CC Transcript?

These procedures should be followed in order to download a YouTube video’s closed caption transcript:

  • Open the YouTube video you want to obtain the transcript for on your desktop.
  • In the video player’s lower right area, select the “CC” button. If there are captions for the video already, you will notice that the “CC” button is a different color, signaling that there are captions accessible.
  • Next to the “CC” icon, select the “More options” button (shown as three dots).
  • From the dropdown option, choose “Open transcript” On the right side of the screen, the text will show up.
  • To disable the timestamp display, click on the “More options” icon once more and then choose “Toggle timestamp”
    Toggle timestamps
  • Copy (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C) the full transcript text after selecting it.
    Copy the transcript
  • Ctrl+V or Cmd+V the transcript content into a text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit.
  • By picking “Save as” from the file menu and entering a file name and location, you can save the transcript as a text file.

Why Video Transcripts are Important: Benefits and Uses

Transcripts of videos are significant for a number of reasons. Here are a few advantages and applications for video transcripts:

Accessibility: People with hearing impairments may find it challenging to follow the audio in a video without captions, so video transcripts make video material more accessible to them. These people can completely engage with the video by reading the transcript and reading the content.

Convenience: Without having to watch the complete video, users can quickly search for specific information using video transcripts. For lengthy YouTube videos or videos with numerous topics, this is particularly helpful.

SEO: Transcripts of videos can assist a video’s search engine optimization (SEO). Text material is easier for search engines like Google to crawl than audio or video content. By including a transcript, video producers can increase the likelihood that viewers searching for particular subjects or keywords will find their video.

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Language Translation: Video transcripts are readily comprehensible in other languages, expanding the audience for video material.

Learning and Retention: Users may learn and remember knowledge more easily with the aid of video transcripts. The learning process can be strengthened and comprehension can be increased by reading along with the audio material.

Overall, video transcripts are a useful instrument for increasing video material learning and retention as well as accessibility, convenience, SEO, and language translation.

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The ability to quickly look for specific information without having to watch the entire video is another benefit of getting a transcript for YouTube videos for people who have trouble hearing or understanding the audio. In this article, we covered three different ways to get a transcript of a YouTube video.

The simplest and most practical way to do this is to use YouTube’s built-in transcript function, but not all videos have access to captions. If the video doesn’t have captions, using a third-party service can be a good alternative. However, these services may not be free, and the accuracy of the transcript may differ based on the audio quality. The accuracy of the transcript will rely on the audio quality and speaker’s voice clarity, but using Google Docs’ voice typing feature is free and simple.

Overall, each approach has benefits and drawbacks, and depending on the video you want to summarize and your particular preferences, you should select the one that works best for you to get YouTube transcripts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Yes, you can edit a YouTube video transcript. If you are the owner of the video, you can edit the transcript directly on YouTube. If you are not the owner of the video, you can download the transcript and edit it in a text editor.

Ans: Look for the “CC” button at the bottom right corner of the video player. If the button is in a different color, it means that captions are available. Click on the “CC” button to turn on captions and see if there is an option to view the transcript.

Ans: Yes, you can get transcripts for YouTube Live streams. YouTube automatically generates captions for Live streams, which can be downloaded and edited as needed.

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