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Claim GST & WET, Eligibility, Check Status

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The Government of Australia has introduced a Tourist Refund Scheme for international travellers of all nations, including Australia, to get refunds of a GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalisation Tax) on goods bought in Australia. Under the TRS refund can be claimed for the goods, which are bought on purpose to take out the country either by ship or plane. To find out the detailed information about it, you may stay tuned till the very end of this writing.

Tourist Refund Scheme 

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An Australian or citizen of any other nation, who is planning to go out of Australia for any reason, if he or she bought goods to take them out of the country through water or air transport, then he or she can get a refund of GST and WET, if qualified. 

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To claim refund of a GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalisation Tax) on the goods bought to take out of the country, it is mandatory to meet certain eligibility criteria. Tourist Refund Scheme not only the Australian who are going out of country, it is also for those who visited Australia and returning to his or her own national or any another. 

TRS Eligibility 

To get a refund on GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalisation Tax), it is mandatory to meet the following criterias.

  • You will have to carry all the goods you bought to get a GST and WET refund with you as luggage to take it out from Australia.
  • You must have spent at least 300 Australian Dollars, including the GST, from a supplier with the same ABN i.e. Australian Business Number.
  • One must have to buy the product or goods within 60 days of departure to get a refund of GST and WET.
  • After buying a product or goods make sure to get a valid paper tax invoice in English, which includes your Name, description of Goods, retailer’s name, address & ABN, amount of GST or WET paid and purchase date.
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Tourist Refund Scheme

How to get a TRS Refund?

To claim the refund for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalisation Tax) for the goods bought within 60 days of departure, an individual will have to show passport, boarding pass and original tax invoices to the TRS (Travel Refund Scheme) Facility at least 30 minutes or an hour before your departure if you are going to travel through plane or ship, respectively.

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You must know that if an individual visits to TRS Facility when less then half or an hour is left for departure through the Plane or Ship, respectively, he or she won’t able to claim the refund, so make sure to report at Travel Refund Scheme Facility at least two hour before your departure time to show all required documents in order to claim GST and WET for the goods bought to take out of the country with yourself.

Important points to keep in mind before claiming for TRS Refund.

  • Photocopied, reprinted or duplicate invoices can’t be used for claiming refund of GST or WET.
  • If you ship your goods separately i.e. if you can’t carry with yourself water or air transport, then you won’t be able to claim TRS refund.
  • If you have bought the products or goods for business purposes.
  • If the name present on invoice doesn’t match with the name available on the passport.
  • On tobacco and tobacco products, you can claim a TRS refund. 
  • Refunds for the wine with alcohol content less than 22% can be claimed, if the certain percentage increases, it won’t be refundable.
  • Refunds can be claimed for the goods such as food, drinks and perfume, which are fully or partially consumed in Australia.
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TRS Status Check

To track the status of the Travel Refund Scheme, there is no tool launched by the Australian Border Force. Once need to know that after claiming for Goods and Services Tax and Wine Equalisation Tax at TRS Facility, it take upto 24 hours to get refund, one can navigate to to find out the details about the claiming TRS refund and getting it. 

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