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Hockey Ranking 2023 Men’s & Women’s Team & Players Ranking

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The International Hockey Federation introduced the Men’s World Ranking of the national teams in the field of Hockey. We have provided Hockey Ranking 2023 Men’s & Women’s Team & Players Ranking, and other facts are in this article. Read to know.

Hockey Ranking 2023

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The Hockey Teams of various countries have been playing for decades. They have climbed the top list in the ranking of their continuous winning performance and learning from their previous mistakes. The ranking was initiated in Oct 2003.

Though the game of Hockey is considered to be easy, 22 players chase a ball for 60 minutes. The World Cup was held from 13 Jan to 29 Jan 2023. And indeed, it takes blood and sweat to win games against the top teams.

Hockey Ranking

Men’s Hockey Team Ranking 2023

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The Men’s World Ranking is done by the International Hockey Federation, aka FIH or Fédération Internationale de Hockey, as it was founded in French around 99 years ago. With Germany winning the World Cup 2023, it tops the list. Check other countries as well.

Men Hockey Team Ranking
Men’s Hockey Team Ranking by FIH

Women’s Hockey Team Ranking 2023

The Women’s World Cup was simultaneously held in January 2023. We all know the plight of women’s teams lacking due consideration in sports. Women Hockey Team Ranking

Women’s Hockey Team Ranking by FIH

The women’s Hockey events are fewer in number compared to men’s. This only marks out the difference openly. Though, there has been improvement in the audience and supporters. Still, the journey is long.

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Hockey Players Ranking 2023

The ranking mentioned in the table is as per the voting given to the players by the stakeholders. It is given in a calendar year. We have shared the list of both men’s and women’s players ranking worldwide.

Men’s Hockey Players Ranking

The year-wise representation of Men players ranked by the FIH. The information is about the outdoor ranking. There is a list for the indoor ranking as well.

2019 Manpreet Singh India
2018 Arthur Van Doren Belgium
2017 Arthur Van Doren Belgium
2016 John-John Dohmen Belgium
2015 Robert Van Der Horst Netherlands
2014 Mark Knowles Australia
2013 Tobias Hauke
2012 Moritz Furste Germany
2011 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2010 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2009 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2008 Pol Amat Spain
2007 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2006 Teun de Nooijer Netherlands
2005 Teun de Nooijer Netherlands
2004 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2003 Teun de Nooijer Netherlands
2002 Michael Green Germany
2001 Florian Kunz Germany
2000 Stephan Veen Netherlands
1999 Jay Stacy Australia
1998 Stephan Veen Netherlands

Women’s Hockey Players Ranking

The year-wise representation of Women players ranked by the FIH. The table mentions data regarding the outdoor ranging by the Federation.

2019 Eva de Goede Netherlands
2018 Eva de Goede Netherlands
2017 Delfina Merino Argentina
2016 Naomi Van As Netherlands
2015 Lidewij Welten Netherlands
2014 Ellen Hoog Netherlands
2013 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2012 Maartje Paumen Netherlands
2011 Maartje Paumen Netherlands
2010 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2009 Luciana Aymar & Naomi Van As Argentina/Netherlands
2008 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2007 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2006 Minke Booij Netherlands
2005 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2004 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2003 Mijntje Donners Netherlands
2002 Cecilia Rognoni Argentina
2001 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2000 Alyson Annan Australia
1999 Natascha Keller Germany
1998 Alyson Annan Australia
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Use of FIH Ranking

The ranking given by the FIH was initiated to cancel out the complaints regarding the fixing when the authorities draw pool for the tournaments. The ranking is used to determine which team will be in which pool. It helps in contesting the tournament regarding Hockey, such as World Cup and Olympic Games.

They have a fixed calculating method that they have shared. Few changes were made in 2020. They assess the teams on the basis of their performances in the last four years’ matches. They check all the qualifying and continental matches. The method is the same for women’s and men’s teams.

If you want to know more about the hockey ranking and related information, you can check the FIH page. It provides detailed information with lists. Our team wishes both women’s and men’s teams luck for all the upcoming matches this year. May the best win.

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