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Gruha Lakshmi Scheme 2024, Karnataka Application Process, DBT Status, Eligibility Details

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Karnataka State Government recently launched the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme to support needy families financially. An aid of Rs 2000 will be provided monthly to the head woman of the family. The Gruha Lakshmi Yojana has sparked happiness in the state. The government has simplified the process so eligible persons can get monthly support aid in their accounts.

In this article, we explain the legibility of the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, How to apply for the Rs 2000 Scheme, How to Check Gruhalkshmi DBT Status online, and how to check application status online.

Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Explained

gruha lakshmi scheme

Scheme Name Karnataka Gruha Lakshmi Scheme 2024
Authority Karnataka Government
Beneficiaries APL, BPL and other Marginal Families in Karnataka
Benefits of the Scheme Rs 2000/- each month
Registration Method Online and Offline
Required Documents Ration Card Number, Aadhar Card Number, Bank Account Number
Gruha Lakshmi Portal Sevasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in, ahara.kar.nic.in

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is a government initiative in Karnataka, India, providing financial assistance to low-income families to construct or renovate homes.


  • Housing Assistance: The primary goal is to assist economically weaker sections in building or improving their homes.
  • Enhancing Living Standards: By providing adequate housing facilities, the scheme aims to improve the living standards of beneficiaries.


  • Government Role: The state government of Karnataka administers the scheme, ensuring funds are allocated and distributed appropriately.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Regular monitoring ensures the proper implementation and effectiveness of the scheme.


  • Social Impact: The scheme is crucial in addressing housing issues among the poor, contributing to social welfare.
  • Economic Aspect: Providing housing support also indirectly stimulates local economies through construction-related activities.

Gruha Laxmi Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Target Beneficiaries

  • Economic Classification: The scheme is specifically designed for women in families categorized under Antyodaya, Below Poverty Line (BPL), and Above Poverty Line (APL) segments.
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Criteria for Head of the Family

  • Ration Card Requirement: Eligibility is extended to women identified as the head of the family on Antyodaya, BPL, and APL ration cards, as issued by the Government.
  • Ration Card Modification: Women can update their ration cards to reflect their status as the head of the family, thereby qualifying for the scheme.

Restriction on Multiple Benefits

  • One Beneficiary per Family: The scheme stipulates that only one woman per family is entitled to receive its benefits, emphasizing targeted assistance.

Exclusions Based on Employment and Tax Status

  • Government Employees: Women employed by the government are excluded from this scheme.
  • Taxpaying Women: The scheme is not available to women who are taxpayers themselves.
  • Spousal Tax Status: Additionally, if a woman’s husband is paying income tax or filing Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns, she becomes ineligible for the benefits of this scheme.

Documents Required to Apply for Gruha Laxmi

To apply for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, applicants need to provide a set of essential documents. These documents are crucial for verifying identity, eligibility, and facilitating benefits transfer. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Primary Identification and Eligibility Documents

  1. Aadhaar Card: This serves as the primary identity proof for the woman applying for the scheme. The Aadhaar card is a unique identification number issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), essential for verifying the applicant’s identity and residency.
  2. Ration Card: A vital document indicating the economic status of the family. The ration card, particularly categorized under Antyodaya, BPL, or APL, is crucial for establishing eligibility under the economic criteria set by the scheme.

Additional Family Verification Document

  1. Aadhaar Card of the Husband: This document is necessary for confirming the family structure and ensuring compliance with the scheme’s stipulation that benefits are not extended to families where the husband is a taxpayer or a GST filer.

Contact and Financial Details

  1. Mobile Number: The applicant’s mobile number is required for communication purposes. This includes updates about the application status, notifications about the scheme, and any follow-up communication needed.
  2. Bank Account Details: These are critical for the direct transfer of benefits. The bank account should be in the applicant’s name to ensure the scheme’s direct benefit reaches the intended recipient.
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Guide to Apply Online for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme


The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, aimed at providing financial assistance to eligible women, can be applied online. The registration process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here is a step-by-step guide to help eligible women register for the scheme:

Steps to Apply Online

  • Accessing the Portal
  • Navigating to the Scheme
    • Once on the portal, look for and select the ‘Gruha Lakshmi Yojana’ option. This will direct you to the specific section dedicated to this scheme.
  • Accessing the Application Link
    • After selecting the scheme, a pop-up box will appear. Click on the link displayed in this box to proceed to the application form.
  • Filling the Application Form
    • In the application form, you will be required to fill in various details pertinent to your eligibility and identity. This typically includes personal information, contact details, and specifics related to the scheme’s eligibility criteria.
  • Uploading Required Documents
    • Along with filling in the information, you must upload the necessary documents. These include your Aadhaar card, ration card, husband’s Aadhaar card (if applicable), mobile number, and bank account details.
  • Submitting the Application
    • After thoroughly reviewing the information and ensuring all necessary documents are uploaded, click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the application process.
  • Acknowledgment of Application
    • Upon submission, an application form number will be generated. It’s crucial to note this number as it will be required for future reference, particularly for tracking the application status.

Offline Application Process

  • Visiting Designated Centers
    • Applicants can submit their applications at various centres such as Grama One, Bangalore One, Karnataka One office, Bapuji Seva Kendras, and Nada Kacheris. These centres are accessible across different regions, providing wide coverage for applicants.
  • Obtaining the Application Form
    • Upon visiting any of these centres, request the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme application form. The staff at these centres can guide applicants in obtaining the form.
  • Filling Out the Form
    • Carefully fill in the application form with all the required details. This typically includes personal information, contact details, and other relevant information as per the scheme’s requirements.
  • Attaching Required Documents
    • Along with the completed application form, attach all the required documents. These documents usually include an Aadhaar card, ration card, husband’s Aadhaar card (if applicable), mobile number, and bank account details.
  • Submission of Application
    • Applying to the same centre after filling out the form and attaching the necessary documents. Ensure that all details are accurate and documents are complete to avoid any delays in processing.
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Additional Registration Process

  • Door-to-door Registration: State officials will conduct a door-to-door registration process to ensure extensive coverage. This initiative aims to record beneficiary details directly from their homes, making the scheme more accessible.
  • Display of Beneficiary List: Once the applications are processed, the beneficiary list will be displayed on the Seva Sindhu Guarantee Schemes Portal. Applicants can check this portal to see if their application has been successful.

How to Check Gruha Lakshmi DBT Status?

To check the Gruha Lakshmi DBT status, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Gruha Lakshmi scheme website ahara.kar.nic.in.
  2. Use the Application Tracker feature on the website.
  3. Enter your ration card number in the tracker.
  4. The tracker will then display your application details, including the name, payment date, and current payment status.

How to Check Gurha Lakshmi Application Status?

To check Guraha Lakshmi’s Application Status, you can follow the steps written below.

  1. First, open the SEVA Sindhu Website added here.
  2. Then on the homepage, Click Track your Application Status.
  3. Once the track page is opened, enter your application number.
  4. Then, click enter or the search button displayed on the screen.
  5. Your application status will be displayed on the screen.
  6. If your application is approved, you don’t need to do anything further.
  7. If there are any errors, those will be marked and displayed. You can do the recommended work then.
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