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Apple iPhone 16 Release Date, Specifications & Features, Expected Price

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Apple fans can expect a faster and larger size iPhone 16 model this year. The rumors suggest some cool features, fascinating designs, and improvements in the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 model that have aroused anticipation among Apple fans. Let’s see when you can expect its release and the iPhone 16 has been stored for you. 

Apple iPhone 16 Release Date

Every year Apple introduces next-gen models for their customers with advanced technologies and features that were not present in the previous models. Apple keeps its users engaged with its yearly series, following the traditional cycle, Apple is all set to launch iPhone 16, the next-gen model of Apple.

According to rumors, Apple may be preparing for the launch event of the next model in September 2024. Apple has kept the secrecy about the iPhone 16 model and hasn’t disclosed the launch dates publicly. It is believed the tech giant Apple will bring notable changes in the 16 series to enhance users’ experience. 

Generally, Apple launches its next model at the end of the year around September, so seeing the past trend, we expect Apple to launch the iPhone 16 series in the second week of September 2024.

Apple iPhone 16 Design 

The Apple smartphone craze is next level, which led to high anticipation about the models whenever Apple launched any new model. According to rumors and leaks, the upcoming 16 model has some notable design changes that are hard to miss. 

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Here are the probable design changes in the anticipated Apple iPhone 16 model:

  • Large in Size: The rumor suggests that the iPhone 16 will have the size of the Pro models, such as 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches. The model will suppress its predecessor and will come with a 120Hz refresh rate 
  • Touch Sensitive button: According to leaks, the iPhone 16 model will have a touch-sensitive button to give a feel of pressing a real button, which Apple previously had planned for iPhone 15 models, but couldn’t proceed due to technical issues.
  • New Capture Button: The new capture button in the Apple iPhone 16 models will work like a shutter button on the camera to capture videos and photos.
  • New Action Button: The action button that was introduced in iPhone 15 Pro models will be available in all models of the iPhone 16 series. 

Apple iPhone 16 Expected Specifications & Features

According to the rumors and leaks, Apple fans can expect the following specifications and features from the upcoming iPhone 16 model:


  • Battery Improvement: Apple users can expect improved battery with the iPhone 16 models. The new model can feature a 3561mAh battery capacity and Pro models can feature a 4,0006 mAh unit. The battery backup of the next model will be improved from its previous models.
  • Software: According to rumors, the iPhone 16 model will have the latest iteration of Apple’s Operating System, iOS 18. The operating system will improve the security, enhance the features, and improve the performance of the model.
  • Chipset: The upcoming iPhone 16 is rumored to be equipped with the latest A16 Bionic chip for base models and A17 chipset for Pro models. The A series chipset can feature an updated Neural Engine that improves AI and machine learning performance.
  • Thermal Improvements: Apple has worked on thermal improvement to resolve the issue of overheating. According to leaks, the iPhone 16 will have a Graphene thermal system and metal battery to dissipate the heat.
  • Camera Enhancement: Apple will excel its camera quality with iPhone 16 models. It is rumored that a super telephoto periscope camera is integrated into the model to feature a 5x zoom, enhancing the zoom performance of the model. The tech giant will use anti-reflective optical coating technology for the iPhone 16 model camera to improve the picture quality in any lighting. 
  • WiFi7: The Apple analyst believes the upcoming iPhone 16 model will come with WiFi 7 net-generation technology to provide super-speed internet and stronger connectivity.
  • AI Improvement: Apple plans to introduce new Siri features in the iPhone model. The rumor suggests that the upcoming model will have cutting-edge AI features to enhance AI interaction. 
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Apple iPhone 16 Expected Price

The current model iPhone 15 price begins at $799 to $1199 for Pro models. The price of the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup can be cheaper or in the same range due to the chipmaking shift of Apple that could lower the pricing. 

However, if the upgraded camera tech of the iPhone 16 model is true, the price can go higher than the previous models. 

Apple has not revealed anything about the iPhone 16 models, the company has kept the secrets, however, leaks and rumors of some exceptional upgrades in the coming model. 

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