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OAS Pension April 2024 Released, No, there isn’t any increase coming

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The Canadian government works closely with federal authorities to address different aspects of social welfare. One of its notable initiatives is the Old Age Security (OAS) Pension program, which aims to provide essential financial assistance to Canadian citizens aged 65 and above. The program offers monthly pension payments to help them cover their expenses.

Suppose you are a senior citizen or someone responsible for the well-being of an elderly family member. In that case, you may be keen to learn when the Old Age Security Payment for the ongoing month will be made available. We are delighted to share that the April OAS Payment will be released on April 26, 2024. On this date, the funds have been directly deposited into the respective bank accounts of eligible beneficiaries.

OAS Payment Dates 2024

A significant improvement has been made in how pension payments are delivered to eligible senior citizens. Instead of using traditional paper checks, the government has adopted a more efficient and streamlined approach. This new method involves depositing monthly pension amounts directly into the bank accounts of qualified individuals.

OAS Pension Payment Dates, Eligibility, How to Apply?

Program Name Old Age Security Pension
Administrated By Canada Revenue Agency
Name of Country Canada
Benefit Amount $691 to $760
OAS Pension Payment Date 26 April 2024
Payment Method Direct Deposit in Bank Account
Official Website of Administration Authority
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This change has been widely appreciated for its convenience and punctuality in delivering funds, ensuring recipients can access financial support without unnecessary delays. It’s a positive step towards making the system more accessible and user-friendly for those who depend on these essential funds for their well-being.

Old Age Security Payment Amount

The Old Age Security (OAS) payment amount is personalized and determined by considering several factors. These factors include the applicant’s age, residency span in Canada, and other specific criteria. The thorough evaluation ensures that the OAS payment aligns with each individual’s circumstances.

If you choose to apply for the OAS payment after turning 65, you may be eligible for a payment of $691. However, if you are 75 years or older, your potential payment increases to $760 after the government reviews your application. It’s important to note that these amounts reflect the OAS program’s commitment to adjusting support levels based on the changing needs of individuals as they progress through different stages of their senior years.

Recipients of the Old Age Pension Security Scheme should know that their payments are subject to taxation. This means reporting the received payment in their tax statement and fulfilling tax obligations according to the applicable rules is necessary.

Month OAS Payment Dates
April 2024 26 April
May 2024 29 May
June 2024 26 June
July 2024 29 July
August 2024 28 August
September 2024 25 September
October 2024 29 October
November 2024 27 November
December 2024 20 December

Being mindful of this taxation aspect ensures a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications associated with the OAS payment. This knowledge allows recipients to plan accordingly and comply with tax regulations.

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Easy Steps to Apply Online for the OAS Pension Canada

To apply for the Old Age Security (OAS) program in Canada, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Canadian Government at
  2. To proceed, please select the ‘Old Age Security’ option.
  3. Please confirm your eligibility for the OAS program before proceeding with the application process.
  4. Ensure all information on the online application form is accurate, and use your Social Insurance Number to complete it.
  5. After submitting your application, please wait for the authorities to review and approve it.
  6. After your application is approved, your OAS benefits will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Steps to check the OAS Payment Status 2024

To check your OAS Pension Status, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the My Service Canada Account (MSCA) portal.
  2. Select “Application Status” to check for notifications regarding CPP.
  3. Select “Payment Information” to view details about your OAS payments.
  4. You should now be able to see your OAS payment status.

These user-friendly steps will help you quickly navigate the My Service Canada portal and access your OAS Pension 2024 status. This digital approach guarantees convenience and transparency, enabling you to stay informed about your financial support without any unnecessary hassle.

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