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Dubai Travel Advisory: Stay Informed & Safe During Weather Conditions

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Dubai Airlines has issued a travel advisory for travelers as the weather conditions worsened in Dubai this week. There is a weather forecast of heavy rain in Dubai, if you are traveling to Dubai, you must read the advisories to stay safe and secure.

Dubai Travel Advisory

Over the past few months, the weather in UAE has taken a drastic turn, which has caused many problems for residents and travelers. The heavy rainfall and flood in April 2024 have shaken the world as it is highly unlikely for the dry climate of Dubai to have such weather conditions.  

Now, as the weather department has forecast heavy rainfall on 2 May 2024 or the coming days after it, the airports and airlines have issued travel advisories for travelers to ensure the passengers don’t face any inconvenience. 

Due to rainfall and storms, there are high chance that the passengers may have to face the flooding situation again. In April, the roads and international airports were flooded in just a few hours of heavy rainfall, leading to flight cancellations and delays causing problems for travelers. 

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, the Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Emirates have issued travel advisories and prevented measures for travelers visiting or traveling from Dubai. 

What should you do when you are traveling to or from Dubai?

Recent travelers should keep the following points in mind when they travel to or from Dubai in the current weather conditions:

  • You must check your flight status before heading to the airport with your airline. 
  • You must leave your home a little earlier than the usual time, as you can meet traffic due to thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.
  • You must arrive early at the airport for screening and airport security checks to avoid any delay.
  • You must plan your route through smart apps that present you with real-time traffic updates and give an option of alternate routes to arrive timely at the airport. 
  • The authorities advised the travelers to use the Dubai Metro when it is possible as it will be hard to travel by road. 
  • You must update your contact details through the managed booking section at and you can check the status of your flight. 
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What’s happening in Dubai and how’s the weather?

The heavy rainfall has returned to the UAE this month, and though the weather department shared that it will not cause severe problems like last month, the authorities have issued an orange alert. 

According to Dubai’s local media channels, Dubai faced strong winds, lightning, and thunder in the early morning of 2 May 2024.  The rain clouds first appeared in the Al Sila and Al Dharfa region west of Dubai. 

Later on, the weather turned towards the western islands of Abu Dhabi and caused moderate to heavy rainfall in the region. The major concern is the 34 millimeters of heavy rain recorded in just 24 hours due to 2 May 2024 rainfall. 

According to the reports, strong winds were observed in Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Investments Park, Jebel Ali, Dubai Industrial City, and Jumeirah Village Triangle. 

The weather departments predict the current weather conditions will prevail all over the United Arab Emirates, so make sure you stay safe wherever you are in UAE and for a few days avoid traveling. 

Services affected due to the current weather situation

Let’s see what services were affected due to current weather conditions in Dubai:

  • Airlines: 
    • According to the news, five inbound flights to Dubai were diverted overnight due to the bad weather conditions. 
    • Four outbound flights and nine scheduled arrivals were canceled at Dubai International Airports. Emirates was also bound to cancel some flights due to heavy rainfall in the region. The operations of airlines have again been badly affected by the weather. 
  • Bus Services:
    • The authorities have suspended the intercity bus services on many roads to avoid accidents due to waterlogging and flooding. The government advised the students & schools to continue online classes. The working people should work from home till the situation gets under control.
  • Suspension at ports, customs, and PCFC:
    • The Ports, costumes, and Free Zone Corporation have announced the temporary suspension taking requests for entry and departure of traditional sailing vessels at the ports of Dubai to avoid any mishaps. The authorities also advised sailors to steer clear from ports and sailing these days and stay safe as the weather can worsen at times. 
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People who are thinking of visiting or traveling from Dubai must follow the above travel advisories to stay safe. Even if you are not traveling, make sure you follow the current guidelines of the authority diligently. 

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